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- Wasza dyskusja znajduje się poniżej.
- what a shame that in UK difference in price is small. and if i know british insureres they will charge you 300 pounds extra for car modification. those idiots are able to charge even for a winter tyres.
- here in Bulgaria one liter LPG is 0.99 lev and one liter of petrol 2.31 Levs,liter of diesel is 2.33 Levs.The price of 1 kilogram of CNG or methane gas is 1.51 Levs.Now here,most of the ordinary citizens drive LPG,because the ratio price/range/power is the best.You must know that you can beat the LPG in terms of economy,but only with some of the new and small diesel cars.
- I Have an LPG converted Audi A3, and it was the best decision I ever made.
A Liter of petrol costs 1,6 Euros here, and a liter of LPG costs 54 cents. That is a big diference. My car is as fast, as reliable and can go further on its tank, because it has 2 (1 for LPG and other for petrol). And now I make 450 KM with 23 euros... I used to pay 65 euros for that!
- Hello everyone, I have an Opel engine 1,4i. In my country, a liter of gas costs about 55 cents. in this case, with a full tank of about 45 liitara I cross the distance of about 450 kilometers. I drive this car 3 years, and have never had problems with the engine and valves, I cross the 850 kilometers per month. The gas is really worth it and I recommend it to everyone. Only regularly change the oil in the engine and everything will be great. greeting
- Diesel...
- Lest no one forget that as soon as LPG cars become a significant proportion, 'your' government will definitely without doubt without reason increase the tax on LPG fuel.
- LPG = Riding a ticking time bomb
- Granted LPG is a good choice . But cost wise here in in North America. Its not a good idea. Rarity of filling stations, and the unstable prices of LP. I have seen it as high as 3.99 dollars per gallon and as low as 1.49 per gallon .All in the same month.
- LPG is very popular in Bulgaria,i have 2 cars running on it and no problems so far.Gotta say that the guys that fitted it to my cars dont exactly look like specialists,but i hope they know what theyre doing.Also this test is a joke,since the LPG tank is in the trunk of the car,i dont understand how the cabbing will fill up with gas.
- I have 3 cars on LPG, none of which i purchased with the kit pre-installed. On both my Alfa v6 and MG v6 I have brc kits, which work very well and were installed superbly. Very important to do your homework and see cars convert well, and which don't. Unfortunately a lot of Jaguar x type and Mondeo v6s, for example, are unsuitable due to soft valve seats, which even flashlube can't fix. Get it right on the car choice though, and it's a real money saver.
I do wonder about buying used LPG cars though. Why has someone, who invested £1500 or so, getting rid of a vehicle? Most blame it on rough running, and may need a 'tune-up'. But that could in fact mean new injectors, which run into many £100s. Some, like the factory Ford and Vauxhall kits, are not even available. 
- does LPG diminish the car's performance?
- 99% of taxis in S.Korea are all lpg. Also company like hyundai kia renault-samsung and gm korea manufacture lpg only vehicle a lot. In korea we use lpg vehicles as for disabled or taxis or 7 seats mpvs or rental cars or for war heros at the korean war or thier families. Because they have lpg only engine there is lpg hybrid vehicle which is made by hyundai. 
- Too bad LPG is beeing punished by higher taxes than gas powered vehicles
- I've had a car that runs straight LPG for five years.  A Suzuki Sierra (aka Jimny, Samurai).  The worlds unsafest car.   I have absolutely no safety fears - these tanks are designed to wear a solid impact and should a hard impact occur i'd much rather be in a gas fuelled car (with an over-engineered cylinder designed to vent safely in the event of an accident) than a low-octane wet fuelled car.  Liquid fuel is far more dangerous, unpredictable, and incendiary than gas.

As for power?  Tune an engine to run straight LPG and the performance is there.  Low down torque far exceeds what you experience with petrol, high RPM hp tapers off a little in comparison.  But expecting LPG to punch out the same power in an engine designed for petrol consumption is akin to an expectation you can switch between petrol and diesel as you please and expect no difference in performance.    All fuels have different combustion profiles and to get the most out of them you need to design engines to suit the fuel.  This is why dual fuel engines have such high LPG consumption - it's a compromise in which LPG performance wears all the losses.  But a petrol engine is easily tweaked to get best measure out of LPG - a bit more compression, a bit more spark and a slightly different distributor curve will have you on par with petrol.

Another thing that Fifth Gear fails to mention, LPG is a dry fuel and a big reason why taxis, forklifts, etc., all use this fuel source is because dry fuels create virtually no engine wear.  Wet fuel washes needed oil from the cylinder walls, catches heavy particulates and subsequently causes abrasion.  Not so with LPG.  An engine that runs straight LPG from new can expect twice the lifespan of a petrol equivalent.  This is a well proven fact that is often overlooked.

But now for a negative - when I had LPG installed there was a $2K government grant to do so (Australia), and it made great sense to have it done.  The price had been fixed for eons at about 1/3 to 1/2 the cost of petrol.  But nowadays the fuel tax and fuel cost is all rising in unity to the point there is no real savings in converting to this fuel source.  What made sense in 2009 is less enticing in 2014.  The saving isn't there any more.  Maybe different in other parts of the world, but not in Australia (where ironically, we have some of the biggest LPG deposits in the world).
- A lot of rubbish. Almost nothing is true in this clip, specially the ''explosion test''. Lies lies lies. About reliability....yes, you may go a little cheaper but only if you drive about 5-600 miles/day, everyday. Otherwise, the LPG system is complitlly rubbish and a lot more dangerous.
- Here in The Netherlands you have to pay more taxes if you drive a LPG car.... and all those hybrid cars are tax free
- ALL taxi's in australia run on LPG
- As a family that had 4 cars on LPG there is lots of incorrect information here.

LPG in the UK used to be 30-40p a liter its now 87p (2014) at the local with around 20% less mpg that's £1.05 equivalent 26p less then petrol combine the insane £2000 cost of conversion in the UK (Only £500 in Europe & takes less then a day) You will have a very hard time to break even. Also the price of LPG jumps up during winter along with poor fuel quality at many pumps in the UK; leading to sluggish performance & blocked LPG filters. Never a issue in Europe as LPG there is HUGE .

Also The video's info is WAY WAY out of date; there are NO grants, NO road Tax breaks, insurance price will go up and MOT emissions test must be on petrol NOT LPG

Modern LPG systems have release valves when deformed to release pressure gradually therefore safe in a crash and any idiot can SMELL GAS.

Anyway LPG is NOT WORTH IT anymore unless your NEED to drive a gopping 3litre+ petrol and even then keep the car for life. The only other reason i can see to convert any car to lpg anymore is if you also buy a brand new/3yo car for personal serious motorway miles not for the fuel cost, but to avoid expensive problems that occur with modern diesels that require £1000's in repairs at 100k miles Eg. DPF injectors, dual mass flywheels, urea injection. Where a petrol would require just spark plugs
- Two or more years ago there was a lot of LPG converted cars on the road. But now, I don't even see any, except a bunch of taxis. The problem is only less than 5 or 10 LPG filling station are available across the country.
- Yes, I generally agree with the fact that it is BETTER to buy a second hand car which has already been converted to LPG. You will simply not be paying much more to initially buy the car and it will result in long term wallet and ozone layer savings!

LPG (or Ethanol) for petrol cars and Biodiesel (or Chip Fat and Vegetable Oil) for diesel cars is clearly going to be the future of motoring! Electric and Hybrid vehicles are simply not going to stand a chance even in the near future, let alone long-term.
- worki na śmieci.


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