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- Wasza dyskusja znajduje się poniżej.
- sisi max tes un tueur .
- on se fais chier en techno
- J'avoue
- c de la merde
- j'aime bien le coté il était une fois la vie x) Une excellente alternative au gaz de schiste !
- I can not underestand French would you please send me in English in my e-mail please? If it is possible send me another animated film in e-waste and...if it is possible thanks
- hey i you dont mind can i you repost the whole thing in english i could understand the animation but i did not understand the back ground voice.
- very good video its simple but really has a good effect on making people lern stuff easily good job eden biogaz
- part 6: We have thus described the principal steps in "biomethanization" which is called also "anaerobic digestion". We've shown the different steps one after the other (in sequence) with the aim of making it simple. But in reality all of these stages occur more or less simultaneously."
- Among the diverse microbial species present one finds also species called "sulfate reducing species." In effect, because the waste material contains a small amount of sulfate, these bacteria use a certain amount of the molecular hydrogen to reduce this sulfate into hydrogen sulfide. Finally, one obtains a mix of gases consisting principally of methane (60 to 70 %) and carbon dioxide (30 to 40 %) with a tiny amount of hydrogen sulfide. It is this mix that we call "biogas"
- part 4: In doing this these bacteria are fundamental to the equilibration of the process , eliminating the hydrogen created in the previous steps. All accumulation of hydrogen can eventually block the acetogenesis and cause an excessive accumulation of volatile fatty acids in the milieu. When this happens one observes often an augmentation of acid which can contribute to the stoppage of the process.
- (part 3): "At this point two groups of distinct organisms responsible for the production of methane come into action. The acetic acid methanogenic bacteria transform the acetic acid into methane and CO2. By this means of reducing the complex molecules we get up to 70 percent of the CH4 and CO2 that is produced. The second group of organisms is called hydrogenotrophic methanogens and they use molecular hydrogen and carbon dioxide to produce 30% of the remaining methane.
- At this stage the same bactera, along with principally fermentative bacteria, transform the dissolved molecules into intermediary products such as alcohol, organic acids of certain molecular weights, and volatile fatty acids, as well as acetic acid, hydrogen and carbon dioxide. Following this, another group of bacteria called "Acidogens" begin their work. These organisms transform the alcohol and the organic acids into acetic acid, hydrogen and CO2 and these add to those already produced.
- English translation for all my colleagues who have requested it: "The agents of methanogenesis are microorganisms organised into groups and each of these groups has a specifc function. At the commencement of the process a group of HYDROLYTIC BACTERIA take apart the complex fraction of organic material and disaggregate it into much smaller particles. This action produces simple molecules and these are soluble in the milieu.
- anhydrique carbonique? WTF, call it dioxide de carbone (carbon dioxyde)
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- good
- very nice
- thanks
- stomatolog nfz lublin.


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