Co sądzicie o Firefighters mistakenly pump jet fuel on fire instead of water | Fail

- Wasza dyskusja znajduje się poniżej.
- someone filled up the wrong tank with the wrong liquid.
- How dumb can you get
- 1:43 fire tornado
- "Hey, what's that you're filling up the fire tender with, Larry?"
"aah.....just jet fuel"

How the FUCK????!!!!
- Jet fuel can't melt fire. It was Bush.
- They should have been using foam on that fire anyway, not straight water.
- i find this funny.
- Ouch. 
- Take a look at this video on YouTube:
- I'm a professional firefighter myself. And I can tell everyone that the only way this can happen is because someone intended for it to happen. To blame it all on the oil water separator is ridiculous. Even if it malfunction, it still wouldn't have cause something like that to happen
- They can confuse jet fuel for water, but can they melt steel beams?

Loominaty confirmed.
- Looks like someone to a prank way to far
- Don't know about you or your department, but we were never taught to put fuel in the water tank. I can't imagine how that would happen.
- No, this didn't happen.  Was this a "Jackass" video?
- But surely it can't melt steel beams
- GTA 2  :D
- jet fuel isnt as flammable as that, you'd need to turn it into a mist-like substance for it to catch like that
- Insert 9/11 being a hoax comment here
- Jet A 1 isn't as flammable as that, it appears there was some lighter (shorter chain) oil in that mixture beside water and diesel.
- strony na komórki.


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