Co sądzicie o Fizzie vs Nitromethane Explosion

- Wasza dyskusja znajduje się poniżej.
- +FullMag I'm gonna have call obvious bullshit brah!

Tetranitromethane burns with a pale greyish blue flame not an orange flame.

It's got a low volatility and it has a very high ignition temperature compared to say gasoline, so it wouldn't create a fireball like that.

It's also a high explosive more powerful than TNT that would detonate rather than deflagrate in a scenario like this.

Perhaps most importantly, it's a liquid with a low vapor pressure that's way heavier than air and comes in 55 gallon drums not steel cylinders like propane...

None of the fire came from the giant inflatable thing so I'm guessing you filled it with methane which is basically unrelated to nitromethane but all of it floated to the top and didn't ignite.

This was clearly just a bit of gasoline with a bit of HE placed inside or underneath the container. You have been found out sir but even with your blatantly bullshit video I appear to be the only person that remotely caught on to it.

Fuck you for filling gullible peoples heads full of bullshit you diseased cunt!
- This is what the money I pay to download games goes to?
- The other song in the montage is 'Adam Drake & Terry Devine-King - Time to Die'.
- Y is it illegal to burn a hat?
- Well if burning a flag in America is illegal Fpsrussia has broken the law he burnt the british flag with the m60 with a piano
- Lol, but it's legal to bare arms
- Surprisingly boring
- Sunset Overdrive is just fucking weird as hell.
- i understand about flags but y is it illegal to burn hats?
- lucky. little bit of electrostatics, and you blow up during filling.
- +FullMag  this channel makes a great substitute for Viagra. Explosions make me hard.
- SourceFed SoldOut! This game sucks!
- Oh my... That was magnificent
- Shouldn't America be more worried about the gun laws than burning hats ? Just wondering 
- Ummm you can't burn a hat ? 
- wait.... you cant burn a hat in alabama?
"How...could you?" 
I screamed picking up my desktop computer and throwing out the window.
"He wasn't even wearing his little fun hat." I whimper as I slowly make my why to my wardrobe where I keep my shotgun.
I pull a box of shell out right when my fucking unicorn named Bart burst my room.
"What you doin'?" He asks me.
I look at Bart with teary eyes. "They killed Fizzie."
In rage Bart kills me with his horn then goes on a rage bent quest on avenging Fizzie.

R.I.P. Fizzie
- Why da heck burning a hat is illegal? O_o
- alors la je kiff je viendrais bien m'occuper les week end avec vous ! on as pas l'air de s’ennuyer ;)
- świadectwa energetyczne lubelskie.


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