Co sądzicie o Gas engine running on nitromethane

- Wasza dyskusja znajduje się poniżej.
- add 20 degrees of timing advance and as much fuel as it will take
- I highly doubt the Nitro would even ignite in the cylinder. Not enough compression or spark..
- Do you guys understand "stoichiometric ratio" of fuels?
- Nitromethane Is supposed to be mixed with gasoline not burned by Itself, that's why It took so long to start.
- Yes, waste of time.  Ya don't know what your doing.
- The point of running nitromethane is that you can fit 8x more of into a cylinder than you can fit with gas/air.  Ounce per ounce, gasoline is more explosive than nitromethane.  If you put 8x more nitrothane than gas into an engine, then you will make 2.5 times as much power.  So in this car, you were burning the same amount of nitro as you would if it were gasoline.  That means you actually lost 66% of your power because you were not taking advantage of the point of nitromethane, which is that you can run 8x more of it in you fuel/air mix.
- Did know you needed a license to buy nitromethane ?
- burned right threw the pistons... need hilborn!
- doesn't work like that mate , pump fuel is more combustable,,,,you will need to flow masses of nitro through the engine and put a turbo at least to make it gain power on nitro..... volume over rides combustability with fuel.... the air make the power the fuel to run it is dictated by the air pressure inside the engine. low comp engines use fast burning fuels... high comp and super charged use slow burning fuels.. eg. e85, methanol and nitro methane
- That will blow for sure...
- That pile of shit gained at least 200hp from burning nitro, no joke. I'm pretty sure if you touch the gas, the engine will explode. 
- And thats how you fuse the pistons to the cylinder sleeves. 
- Then why do they use it in model rc engines, dragsters, and other engines
- Then why do they use it in model rc engines, dragsters, and other engines
- You do realize that the product of nitromethane burning is tear gas?
- Yeah, but right as it is, it would be making much less power. Gas has a specific energy density of 44 MJ per KG. Nitro has only 11. You can burn 8 times the amount of nitro per given unit of air. He'd need to be running at least 4x the nitro to break even. If he ran the car 8x richer, he could expect a power gain of 2x over stock.
- Tell that to the NHRA. There's nothing pussy about breathing in nitric acid vapor.
- Uncle Sam updates: research is underway
- The fuel is worth more than that bit of crap
- catering Lublin – zerknij tu


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