Co sądzicie o How to install LPG on your car

- Wasza dyskusja znajduje się poniżej.
- un poco d instruccion
- Ok so this is professional installation of GPL for sequential installation ... I wonder how a diy installation looks ...
How are the LPG lines connected to the underbody of the car from the tank ?
Are they going through inside or outside of car ?
And also the filling place looks very stupid to me, you have to knee in order to fill the car.
I tank by law the filling point should be no less than 20 cm from the gas filling cap ... I think in Germany it has to be actually inside the gas filling cap.
- dato che il video in italiano non lo avete fatto immagino che qui non sia consentito montarsi da soli l'impianto , oppure mi sbaglio?
- ma i collettori di aspirazione adesso li fanno in plastica??? che orrore, di sicuro non durano vent'anni!
- VERY nice video. It would be cool to have a soft in your car just to see the stats.
- I like Italians, greetings from Lithunia,Gracia Tuti Italiani bueno
- I've installed GI CNG kit on my E39. They've calibrated it with this software, but when car is fully stopped and you start moving, it has RPM drops, engine almost cuts off. I've downloaded this soft and got cable. Any ideas where can I learn how to use it?
- Plastic mainfold? Just proves my opinion that fiat makes crappy disposable cars.
- im excited. cant come of out the reality of getting a iphone for doing some questionnaire :) . dont think its funny, simply put your email and number and wait for your parcel. have a try and enjoy :) ->
- fiat hahahaha
- a bit confusing, but i appreciate the work gone into it.
- good men.......good
- il n'y a rien à nettoyer sur les injecteurs GPL
- c'è un modo per pulire gli iniettori gpl, come avviene per quelli a benzina?
- Podzielcie się waszym zdaniem z nami.


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