Co sądzicie o L.P.G (Lovely Pretty Girls) - Doorbell Of Love (sarangui choinjong) (사랑의 초인종)

- Wasza dyskusja znajduje się poniżej.
- Definitely not the LPG I was looking for
- i got more beautiful girls here
- why on earth did they put the ugliest girl in the sex scenes? i just dont get it off the bat i see two FAR better looking girls
- Me encantan :3
- Omg I never knew about this group...:O
- Ha. I heard Kim Min Jeong singing this on an episode of Happy Together. Nice song. Sexy ladies.
- well I love them :D
- dat ass >;D
- GOOD LOVE fighting
- lol did i just watch porn on youtube?!?! XD
- น่าจะไม่ใส่อารายเลย
- k es esto
- @foodfoodfood555 Because when they were sitting down in the chairs, Pussy Cat dolls also had that in their "I don't need a man" music video. ^^
- @MarshmallowDolly I disagree it DOES make a difference!you can be ugly & get plastic surgery & look very beautiful which makes a huge difference!U dont have to be pretty to come out pretty after surgery!its the surgeons job to make them as natural as possible!i like them nonetheless but sadden at the thought they did it cause i wanted to get to know there real beauty not a dolled up version!But no matter what i still like them in total they been under the knife27 times if u count it all together
- @MarshmallowDolly yeh u're right
- @nauliputri 4minute's mirror mirror is a kpop song, whereas this is trot...the two songs are completly uncomparable..i dont know where you got the idea that this is similar to mirror mirror
- i'm sorry but i prefer 4minutes "Mirror Mirror" rather than LPG, they r prettier n better quality of performances and vocals.
- .


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