Co sądzicie o LPG (엘피지) - 효녀시대 (Hyo Nyeo Si Dae) MV

- Wasza dyskusja znajduje się poniżej.
- They are so thin 😖. Hope they take care of their health.
- lol
- What was so bad about the old LPG that they had to come up with this garbage?
- Will someone tell me who is who? I'm obsessed with this song and group!! XD lol.
- lpg filial daughters' generation
- Their weight worries me. I think they should get some weight :s
- Is that XiHo from AprilKiss on 1:48 ????
- Some look like snsd and some look like 9muses

- i think there is hyoyoung in the mv
- who is who?
- how old are they?
- LPG fighting!! 
- One of the girls look American not mix but an American girl who had surgery to look Asian 
- I'm glad these girls are continuing the LPG name, they are like Jewelry in that way. Even though they have changed members I always like LPG's song each generation has nice songs :) I hope these girls stay together for a long time and have lots of comebacks! LPG FIGHTING!
- LPG (엘피지) - 효녀시대 (Hyo Nyeo Si Dae) MV (KPop)
- Podzielcie się waszym zdaniem z nami.


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