Co sądzicie o LPG Car tank Explosion on Highway

- Wasza dyskusja znajduje się poniżej.
- That spare tire was like i'm out of here
- id hate to say it but they got what they deserved. if youre gonna do a shit ass install of a gas thats almost as flamable as jet fuel than you deserve whats coming. i feel bad though if it was a pro install or a component was actually defective through no fault of the car owner.

i know PLENTY of folks running LPG on vehicles,lawnmowers, gensets etc. also alot of the power co. trucks out east run nat. gas which is pretty much same thing(methane) they have no issues.
- when my friend listens to my mixtape
- I drive a 2006 Range Rover HSE with a Technocarb CNG conversion kit with two 8GGE CNG certified tanks. Both tanks are carbon fibre and wrapped with a protected hardening wrap. My mum also drives a factory 2015 Honda Civic CNG GX with no problems. Mine has around 50k CNG miles, and around 35k petrol miles, which is when I bought it. My brother was driving his factory Crown Victoria PPV down the highway and was in a major crash, hitting the underneath non protected tank and damaging it. There was no fire, no explosion, and the gas was dissipated to the atmosphere. The other tank, was in perfect condition, but sadly had to be decommissioned as the vehicle was totaled. We have plenty of CNG/Propane vehicles, some factory CNG, some converted, including a turbo 2016 Explorer Sport, and 2006 Triton 4.6 Town Car Executive. No problems ever, except the CNG regulator in our now sold Grand Marquis, also a 4.6 Triton, had stopped working, and discharged the gas, and switched over to petrol. Our only 100% propane truck is a 2009 GMC Denali 1500, which also works beautifully with no known issues with all of it's life being on propane, which is currently 110,000 highway miles.
- lucky guys, no fire
- @0:36 are those intestines?
- looks like that guy needs to go back to carbomb building school.
- looks like that guy needs to go back to carbomb building school.
- shit i need to remove that LPG in my car. its been there all summer
- Boring?, no no, no, Russia it is never
- Boring?, no no, no, Russia it is never
- only in russia lol
- That car must of been using nitro gas. for turbo.
- Russian quality.
- lmao
- now that's a way to get your spare tire fast
- כרגיל, כל הדברים הכי מוזרים באים מרוסייה הדפוקה
- In Soviet Russia, car crashes you...
- When the bass drops too hard in your car.
- Guli onchon gho esto meocha you I jog
- Podzielcie się waszym zdaniem z nami.


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