Co sądzicie o Mercedes-Benz AdBlue Technology

- Wasza dyskusja znajduje się poniżej.
- The female driver filling up in the gas station should have been advised to RECYCLE the plastic adblue container, considering we are talking about eco issues..
- ..ow..ow....she dont put the seat belt.....!!!
- You need to think of the running cost over years and if adblue suddenly becomes more expensive and what if they stop produceing adblue and 32 liters of extra vehicle weight which is quite heavy try lifting 32 1 liter unopened bottles of coca cola good luck because it is bloody heavy now imagine that extra weight in your vehicle and thats not includeing the deisel. I would not bother.
- Tecnologia ADBlue na Mercedes
- You do know Adblu is just cows piss. ,!!!
- I've seen huge cans (at least 4 liters) of these in my Mercedes dealer. They aren't much more expensive than any regular diesel fill up. Another bonus is the new ML fillcap is right beside the diesel fuel valve.
- rip off the egr rip out the dp fand that crap leave the catalytic converter get a tuner and youll have about a 2 to 5 mpg boost
- another eco-wacko liberal got their ways with this stupid adblue to diesel, URGH!
- AdBlue, Another gismo that surely will fail after about 100k miles of daily driving...Todays auto industry is just there to help you get rid of your hard earned cash.
- AdBlue is 67.5% Water & 32.5% Urea. So technically it is mostly water, but you shouldn't add just water to fool the system. Audi has a censoring system that will detect if something other than AdBlue was used. Some shady dealerships are charging $30 for a 1/2 gallon kruse bottle, but for the most part a 2.5 gallon jug can be purchased online or at most VW/Audi dealerships for $13.00
- you can just use water it only gets sprayed into the exhaust gas anyway
- what they DON'T Tell you is AdBlue costs $30 A BOTTLE!!
- whats blue tech they do it in britain
- It wouldn't start without some kind of leaning system... would hate such a "clever" car
- Wurde auch Zeit das AdBlue langsam im PKW einzug hält!
- Well done !!
- super video, weiter so!
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