Co sądzicie o Nitro methane Mustang runs 6.14

- Wasza dyskusja znajduje się poniżej.
- slow it down and look at the tires on launch at 1:58... the speed deforms them so much.
- Breh, my 99'corolla ricer will dust that thing
- damn thing is a rocket
- Good thing its fast, cuz it is butt ass ugly. 
- 2 words...Steady Cam
- It's not Nos, first of all nos is a brand name (Nitrous oxide systems) and secondly this is nitromethane not nitrous oxide. Only pussies run nitrometh.
- that minivan would beat his ass
- Mustang with a nitro methane burning Chrysler Hemi.
- Yes, that is true, I did not think of that. Funny Cars are way faster than 6.14. I didn't know there was a class Nostalgia Funny Car, thank you, you are right :-)
- Nos is not the same as nitromethane. Nos is a brand that sells Nitrous Oxide (NO2), a gas, which is also known as "laughing gas", because its (also) used to sedate people at the dentist and people tend to laugh before passing out. It is used to force feed a higher percentage of oxygen to the combustion chambers than the air can provide(21-23% oxygen in air) and thus allow for more fuel to be combined with that oxygen. NitroMethane is CH3NO2 and a very fast burning fuel.
- It would probably be put into such a class, but it is way worse than the competition in NHRA. It is likely eligble for some kind of historic class(nostalgia funny car). A modern nitro FC should run the 1/4 mile in 4.6xx to 5.0xx on a clean run.
- Is this a Top fuel funny car? (2nd best class in dragracing)
- Quarter mile or thousand foot?
- That's why you look different
- Was gonna say something bout the bitch bar, but holy shit this car definitely needs it. That launch was ridiculous!!!! Wish I saw that in person
- I think you're confused. "NOS" is nitrous oxide (Is a gas, comes in a bottle, only used when you abolutely need it). This is nitro methane. It's just like gasoline except WAY more powerful. This is what is meant by "top fuel" in the top fuel class of drag cars.
- did anyone heard any shifts there? o.O
- can u image that? nos insteand gas or diesel?!! insade dude insane:D
- 2:00
- letts go
- Podzielcie się waszym zdaniem z nami.


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