Co sądzicie o Nitromethane/HNO3

- Wasza dyskusja znajduje się poniżej.
- how can you make it
- wHAT RATIO (hno3 TO  nitromethane do you use?)
- All of you are going to Obama-hell just for watching explosives videos! A massive NSA data storage center is going up right outside your homes. You will be on the "no sugar" list for fear you might have some homemade potassium chlorate. Janet Incompetento is watching you through your new ball mill. Smile when you pass by your 2-way TV.
- oh.. i guess glass would be what you want to use for it.. but i meant by sensitivity compared to ANFO, it sounds like its less sensitive than ANFO after all.. but when you say sensitise, that means that you would use EDA instead of NM, right? just found out how to make that stuff.. abit advanced tho.. ethanol > ethylene > ethylene + chlorine = C2H4Cl2 and then reacting with NH3 gives EDA.. whew.. :P
- do you know how sensitive this stuff is? like compared to ANFO? also, if using 65% HNO3 what amount of 99% nitromethane would you need for it?
- are you fucking kidding me?! gtfo with your mingebag concerns.. i like food.. BUT.. what if somebody takes a kitchen knife and starts killing people? shit.. better BAN ALL SHARP OBJECTS!! including your nose!!
- can mercury fulminate detonate it ?
- Rich? Nitromethane is cheap as fuck...
- I like explosives... but stop blowing up trees.... we need them.. ¬¬
- I wasnt talking about the author of the video.
- ratio???
- no way u ruin nitromethane like that, expecially with it being as expensive as it is, put it to good use dumbass, buy a top fuel or funny car if ur soo rich enough that u can blow up nitromethane
- nitromethane is amazing!!! with a friend, we made a rocket, and me put the nitromethane down it, and it flies SO HIGH jejejej XD
- suppose thats one way to catch fish..detonate that shit in a pond ha ha
- Nice video, whatkind of ratios did you use, how did you initiate?
- you just killed all the lil creatures in that pond
- do it detonate when you mix the two chemical? or do you oxodize the nitro meth by slowly adding HNO3 then lighting it?
- Why is nitromethane SO FUCKING EXPENSIVE !?!?!?!!?
- @forcedsignupFuckTube it's a high explosive when you initiate the explosion (like a chain reaction, you know)
- @Butandiolmonoacrylat well toys are made of chemicals think about it XD
- Podzielcie się waszym zdaniem z nami.


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