Co sądzicie o Nitromethane - Religion [HQ] [Unreleased Anjunabeats tune]

- Wasza dyskusja znajduje się poniżej.
- Why didn't they just use other vocalist
- Considering Above & Beyond propelled What It Feels Like For A Girl with that outrageously-good remix, you'd have thought Religion would have been released officially. Alas, it's another of those unattainables. We want what we can't have. Love the Gouryella bassline, too (as found in the original mix of Nitromethane)!
- @bluegax Well, I highly doubt this track will get released due to copyright issues.
- STill hoping to get it Released!!!! Really great track....
- Madonna is such a cunt
- VERY nice!
- sounds a bit rough .. would be great as a finished track
- Wow that vocal along with the whole sound and chords is unbelievably euphoric!
- I would also love to get a copy of this beauty! I have been searching for it since i heard them play it in NYC in 2008!
- @ronaldo7x7 I'd like to have it as well :/ I only have a shitty MySpace rip from back in the day.
- shame this was never released i paid 35 quid the other day for a unreleased record. i would pay 100quid for this beauty
- amazing!!!
- Podzielcie się waszym zdaniem z nami.


Tytuł: Nitromethane - Religion [HQ] [Unreleased Anjunabeats tune].
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