Co sądzicie o Peugeot 307 2.0 HDI 2001 Cold Start

- druk katalogów.
- It's -15 C !!!
- Noob driver... I have peugeot 307 1.7 HDi ..and start first key -25C :)
- Please correct me if i'm wrong.But i don't think peugeot has made a bad engine yet.
- jaká šrocina :o)
- sikiyim öyle arabayı
- Ne vas pas me dire que DCI c'est mieux quand même, Peugeot est quand même un des pionnier en diesel ...
- To all the idiots on here the car is diesel and needs new glow plugs. You idiots !!!!!!!! Sick of people that know nothing and comment whats the point you clowns look daft.
- my peugeot fires at-12C for the first time. 2.0 hdi has 110 hp
- Tamben quer andar com o carro no alasca da nisto.mais e um carrao sim
- Vaziuok i servisa :D mano Peugeot -25 uzsiveda geriau
- -15 гэта не мароз для спраўнага HDi... а калі яшчэ і так дрэнна заводзіцца, у гэтага 307 ёсць праблемы. Ці дызпаліва летняе?
- 307 рулит!
- ( I m his friend ) This car is not ugly and bad how can you tell you never have this car and it is not diesel it is petrol 1.6 vith 110hp and what is (ks ) mak wheels are awsome I know you are jealous because my car is newer and better than 98 audi a6 (one day when you will have money you wil drive good car trust me )
- Thats not glow plugs. your engine will only really need the glow plugs in -1. Get a Code checker on there but i place bets on the timing is messed up.
- New glow plugs and the car will start like it was new. :)
- i have the same model i mine start's better, you have some problems...
- udało się:-) nie ma to jak garaż przy -15
- My 307 starts first time every time, even in -20 lol
- this car is so ugly and bad so bad car my friend have peugeot 307 red with so ugly mak 16 eench and 1.6 diesel vith 25 ks
- what for the musician in the background???
- Podzielcie się waszym zdaniem z nami.


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