Co sądzicie o Stealing Peoples Gas Prank!!

- autobusy do anglii.
- He is gonna get shot one day.
- rotflmao....this is intense
- man u got views,bt this was really crazy
- Omg are u ok,do some weights no afance so u can beet them up
- #that would hurt being bet up
- Why does he do it against the opposite complexion?
- I know you dont think that it will happen to you but if you continue to do dumb stuff like this you are going to get arrested or even shot
- Nobody can take a f***ing joke any more like really break his arm just cuzs he was FAKING it i mean really guys wtf take a f**ing joke for once
- I guess people in this prank don't have ears
- I love youuuu
- He is in Columbus,Ohio for those wondering. E Livingston is where all the drug dealers are at. Huge herion epedemic around that area. This part of town is considered shit.
- Your stupid
- te sei proprio scemo
- Why is everyone so aggressive when someone "steals" their gas
- omg you alwayes do prankes at the hoods so you alwayes get f ..
- qqq
- 111
- I have a question...why do u do this in the hood
- what does the word prank even mean to you
- Wonder which youtuber will be the first idiot to get killed doing a "prank" wouldnt be bothered one bit if it was you.
- Podzielcie się waszym zdaniem z nami.


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