Co sądzicie o Why They Make NitroMethane Part 2

- torby bawełniane z nadrukiem.
- ...It's loud enough to hurt your ears if you stand too close to it without ear protection in. >>
- its captured the sound pretty well actually.
- ...but best part is, it isnt too late to abort you, ya big ol' sack of hair.
- Yeah, once we found out you weren't aborted.
- Well, you would know all about being a waste of time.....
- I was waiting to see that beard get flash-fried off. Waste of time.
- Every nitro car needs a tuner with a beard. The longer the beard means he knows what he's doing. The shorter the beard means he can't tune and it got burned off.
- @Hydrohid go try Nitro mate, it moves the ground beneath your feet!
- @ .08 got burned by an exhaust flame Santa? cool video...
- That old commercial used to say "There's nothing like the face of a kid eating a Hershey bar"... well, there's nothing like the face of that guy sitting in a nitromethane dragster.
- Flex your big toe and all the fuel ever produced in the middle east over the last 40 years is GONE!
- Stellings and Hampshire , yessir! Bobby T ruined me for life by letting me get WAAAY tooclose to that car, gave me the hemi bug and it's never gone away : )
- I thought that dude's beard was gonna catch on fire.
- 7 people are homos
- @cheatcheaters what means Imao then? Huh?
- @Hydrohid lmao if u think it sounds like shit and u need to ask if thats what it sounds like, u dont know shit lmao...
- @Hydrohid ....That is exactly how it sounded.....Might I suggest using a Q-Tip>?
- Does your microphone not really like the sound, or is it really this sound in real life?? Cause if the sound is, it sucks
- front engine drag rail = strap engine legs , rest your balls on transmission , and spin some tires next to your head then hope to god it all stays together.
- how the hell could he see past that...
- Podzielcie się waszym zdaniem z nami.


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