Co sądzicie o Why They Make Nitromethane

- kurs.
- Now tear it down n rebuild it lol ...its the nitro way !
- Are you serious??? They are neither fast nor furious Mr. IDont KnowShit About Anything EspeciallyCarsBecauseI'mATotal­DipShit... I think your better suited for Silly Putty and Comic Books .
- Hey Dork, Go play with your Barbie Dolls....
- Hey boss man, only pussies run nitro meth.
- FUCK ! this engine is pure fucken EVIL what a fucken BEAST !
- The reason is to be deaf and not have to listen to woman
- 392 hemi.
- From this angle it looks like the blower is completely blocking his visibility. I'm amazed he's able get that thing down the track in a straight line.
- There's not.
- No, this is why they make nitromethane: /watch?v=o-9XEqBbzHs
- Old Chrysler 392 Hemi
- Ya gotta love those old time, sling shot diggers!
- I want a nitro front motor digger to sit in my drive way and have my own crackle fest with! So I can annoy the animals, the neighbors, and the cops! LOL!
- The amount of air required to burn 1 lb (0.45 kg) of gasoline is 14.7 pounds (6.7 kg), but only 1.7 lb (0.77 kg) of air is required for 1 lb of nitromethane. Since an engine's cylinder can only contain a limited amount of air on each stroke, 8.7 times more nitromethane than gasoline can be burned in one stroke. Gasoline provides about 42–44 MJ/kg whereas nitromethane provides only 11.3 MJ/kg.nitromethane generates about 2.3 times the power of gasoline when combined with a given amount of oxygen
- As part of the younger generation (I'm 15) I would like to say that I have a strange taste in music, art, and other things, but when it comes to the mechanical beat of the heart of one of these amazing feats of engineering, I can't help but think back on the engineering and toil put into every last valve seat. I agree that the tear in my eye is more than just the exhaust fumes stinging my cornea. Each car has a heartbeat, and a select few opt to be the doctors of engines, I Hope to be one also
- Love It!!!!
- because saying "fuck you" to people that don't like loud cars is just not enough.
- 758116 now :)
- 26 Gallons Per Mile!
- Podzielcie się waszym zdaniem z nami.


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